European Union actions may mimic how perception of united States was changed

I just read an article that described people living ‘in’ the European Union as Europeans. This sounds harmless until the EU decides to create a term called ‘European’ and define that term as someone who is under the jurisdiction of the EU (meaning the government body in Brussels).

Someone who is currently under the jurisdiction of their country/state such as Poland would inadvertently come under the jurisdiction of the EU if he/she answered Yes when asked if he/she is a European. Note, a word, such as European, becomes a term when it is explicitly defined, and the common meaning is discarded.

This likely happened in the states United in America where citizen now means two entirely separate things: (1) he/she was born in one of the 50 states of the Union and (2) he/she holds the office of citizen in the government of the District of Columbia also called ‘United States’. Thou can be both 1 and 2 or just 1 or just 2.

Here is a video where Obama defines citizen as an office in the government. Office is a role with duties and obligations and naturally if one holds a public office, one must abide by the laws of the office, at least when one is exercising the duties of the public office. In one’s free time, it’s likely those laws of the office don’t apply.

The video should start at 5:51.

Here’s the transcript of that portion. This is vital!

We in fact all share the same proud title. 

The most important office in a democracy. Citizen. Citizen.

That’s what our democracy demands. It needs you.

Not just when there’s an election.

Not just when your own narrow interest is at stake.

But over the full span of a lifetime.

It was great to finally see that ‘citizen’ is an office in a government that is domiciled in District of Columbia.

When filling out government forms that either pertain to the United States of America or the United States (District of Columbia), some people clarify that they are citizens via being born in one of the 50 states of the union to ensure no one can presume that they are holding the public office that Obama refers to above.

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