Say (or write) “Am I the defendant?”

I updated the popular court case page by more of the simple Karl Lentz approach.

Don’t admit to being the defendant

The thrust of this approach is that one does not admit to being the defendant. In a Karl Lentz radio show call, one man reminded of a point that a court case involving United States is actually United States suing one of its franchises. That franchise might be named JOHN DOE.

  • A summons is sent to the physical man born as John of the Doe family.
  • John, the man, mistakenly thinks it is addressed to him.
  • He then mistakenly goes to court, and when the Judge says, “Are you JOHN DOE?”, the man mistakenly says yes, and thereby becomes the agent for JOHN DOE, and now is liable for the charges.

The man walked into a case involving two other parties!

California’s tax authority is called the FRANCHISE TAX BOARD and many (or all) states apply FRANCHISE taxes to corporate entities.

The Karl Lentz radio show call says one must ask the judge to say who is the defendant. Evidently they won’t point to the man. They will keep trying to trick the man into thinking he is the defendant. Ideally pose these questions in a letter.

One must say, “I am a man.”

One must ask,

  1. “Am I the defendant?”
  2. “Am I the plaintiff?”
  3. “Is this your case?”
  4. “Is this my case?”

Start at 13:12.

All crimes are commercial! Why? Because a corporation cannot sue living men. The UNITED STATES corporation or the STATE OF TEXAS corporation sues the FRANCHISE they created by joining the FIRST LAST name in all caps. Don’t answer to the name! Lose the name.

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  1. I inherited my family home and am coming up on a conference in a foreclosure case. I’m sure I’m being schemed but I’m struggling to learn all I need to know to best handle this by the date. It feels like real evil is working against me. Alot of the documents have 666 I know that sounds crazy but even the court date is the may 6th. I need help if any high vibe helpers see this please email me

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