Duty means tax

Duty means tax, not responsibility

In a new video by Mark of the Simser family (aka ‘Mark Simser’), Mark says that the word ‘duty’ means tax, not a responsibility. Thou may have seen airport ‘duty free’ shops where one need not pay a tax, but really it means one need not pay a duty. If someone tells me, it’s my duty to do so-and-so, I will ask what is the amount of the duty?

If this is true, then this is yet another example of the average people being taught the wrong meaning of words. Also, it’s another example that most things are about fees and payments, not actions. A court order is a request for services, as one would ‘order’ food at a restaurant, and one could possibly present a bill to the judge.

See Mark’s video. He mentions the point about a duty later in the video.

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