Added “it ain’t me” response to Winning at Court page

On the Winning at Court page, I added the method of returning the summons and any court documents; as in return-to-sender.

I also changed the name of the page! It was ‘winning in court’ but of course no one living is ‘in’ court, we are ‘at’ court. Karl Lentz emphasizes this language.

Here’s the return-to-sender letter from

Neutral response:

Print & Cut along dotted line


These enclosed documents were inadvertently received, and opened by mistake. These enclosed document(s), which appear to be____________________________________________________, are not understandable, acknowledgeable  or recognizable under the penalty of False Personation must be returned.

The enclosure herein contains the aforementioned and misdirected documents; as there is not enough knowledge or information disclosed to form a responsive answer, said documents are being returned forthwith.


Singular response

print & cut along dotted line


I inadvertently received the enclosed document(s) which appear to be

I do not know what this is all about. I do not understand or recognize these document(s).

I do not have enough knowledge or information to form a responsive answer.

So I am returning these document(s),

Go to the Winning at Court page.


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