Federal Income Tax applies to federal work or property ONLY (video)

This man explains that the federal income tax is an excise tax. If one exercises a federal privilege, then the tax applies. If you receive remuneration from a federal agency, then that remuneration would be considered wages and is taxable. If you work for your neighbor, that work is not a federal privilege and is non-taxable.

This video notes many key elements from the book Cracking the Code, which is a great book.

Audio is from a call to Angela Stark’s weekly conference call. The caller is not identified. The guest on the show is Adele Weiss. The filename for the full call is ‘Weiss TS-977047’, and can be found on Angela’s talkshoe page.

The essence of ‘cracking the code’ is that the everyday definitions of words are different from the definitions used in the Internal Revenue Code. ‘Wages’ are remuneration paid to people by the federal government. If you don’t work for or contract with the federal government, then you don’t have wages or could be said that your remuneration are not wages. There are more examples in the book.

The Federal Income Tax is real but it’s applied to people that don’t need to pay it, and those people fail to rebut claims to the contrary, such as a W2.

Also see post about definition of employee.

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