Man stands firm to police officer

A man knew his rights when a policy officer stopped him. The key point for me is that the police officer does not have a right to see an ID, therefore the officer says, “This is an opportunity to provide me with ID.” Eventually, the officer discards the man’s rights, and arrests his person. Also see the AT’s videos as well that point out no man or woman is obliged to show an ID or give a name without the officer having probable cause. This man used the video app Bambuser.

It’s important to always ask questions, never answer them. The master is the one who ask questions and the servant answers them. If thou is answering questions, then thou is in the servant position.

Also watch these videos on how to deal with the policy officers. If there is no flesh-and-blood victim, then they are policy officers administering their company’s policy on consenting members of their company or society.

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