Federal income is income from federal gov?

Could it be so simple? Wow, in the video below, a man says that federal income is only income received from the federal government. One must pay a tax for this privilege of receiving money from the federal government. One must return a portion of the income. That’s why it’s called a tax return. Brilliant! I had recently wondered why it’s called a return. What was being returned? Well now I know that if the money is from the federal government, then one is returning part of the money received.

See video below.

Who is this man that called into Karl Lentz’s show? I emailed Karl to find out and will update this post if I learn who he is.

Now please note the federal income tax is a bit more complicated because one can elect to be treated as a resident alien, in which case all income, not just from a federal source, is then taxable. Weiss Paris say that the original 1040 is an election to be treated as a resident alien, and from then on, one must file a 1040 each year. Unless one revokes the election. See other pages on this site for details.

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