My bank wrote an email to “me” and the letter had upper and lower case letter style except for the ‘Dear’ part that they typed in all caps! One notices these things after studying this area of the law.


For your convenience, here’s a copy of the authorization for the payment you recently scheduled. You may want to print this message for your records…

Of course the reason the name appears in all caps because it’s addressed to the corporation that has a name identical to the combination of my given name and family name. It’s not my name/corporation. And they are not writing to me.

They are writing to the corporation and corporate entities, since they themselves work for a corporation and only corporations can speak with other corporations.

The name is printed in all cap letters, just like names on a tombstone, since that’s the name of a dead man. The name, FIRST LAST, is also dead but no surprise because PERSONS of course are not living – they are trusts, corporations, etc.

Actually, the name on the tombstone may be notice that the corporation has ceased to exist and is now in super probate. I say super probate because supposedly the name is in probate while the man associated with the name is still living.

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