Thou’s estate held in trust. Claim it.

Claim Thou's EstateSome of the best knowledge is in comments, on YouTube videos, Facebook, blog posts. The comment below explains that our original trust, the one we are given when we are born, is held in trust by the sovereign state. We are using a second trust created by other entity. The second trust seems to be our trust because it uses our given name (aka first name) and family name (aka last name).

Here’s the comment, originally from the video Karl Lentz Method Explained.

You actually aren’t a person in the court. You are a thing. Your PERSON, JOHN DOE ENGLISH is held in trust by the sovereign state… The original trust. Every derivative of your name created from thereon is a constructive trust. None of those names belong to you. Not even your PERSON belongs to you until you abjure from the state all things that hold it. It is not possible to be a Freeman unless your paperwork is done correctly. It’s not like coming out and making a public notice that you are a homosexual. The informant written on the birth certificate you may hold assigned your rights and interests to the state at registration of birth. Now do your homework, write your last will and testamentary deed, deliver it up and perfect it. The sovereign state if united kingdom, I believe, is London. The sovereign state here in Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia. All the states and territories of Australia ate political states/agents. It will be the same for the UK. – Donna Aussie

And a second comment to the same video:

Unfortunately too many people are being confused about ‘person’.  We need our person.  This is the one who commercially represents us.  But our person is held in trust.  So we need to retrieve our person.  The reason….is because the political state created their person only for us to use and hold whilst they reap the benefit of our real person held in trust.  You have to abjure all from the political state (which is the medium (agent) used for the sovereign state to use.  In Australia the sovereign state is the Commonwealth of Australia.  All the states and territories are the political states – created by parliament for the carrying out of policies).  You go to court it is pretty much a trespass. – Donna Aussie

A similar method of taking the original trust is embedded in the language of the current Christian religion (re-legion). The church promises life after death because they take thou’s first life (trust) and give thou a new one to use.

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