Those in office, must follow the rules

Here’s a comment on a YouTube video. Here’s a link to the actual comment. Posted by Elicia Palmer.

think about it people.. ALL Acts Of Congress and Legislature’s Federal and State Statutes, Codes, Ordinances and so-called Municipal ‘Laws’ are simply the Rules, Directives, Policies, By-Laws and Regulations that ONLY GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES and their AGENCIES, CONTRACTORS and EMPLOYEES (US citizens, residents of This State, Persons Operating a Trade or Business [that performs the functions of a public office], Officers, Individuals, Taxpayers, Licensed Professionals, Homeowners, Drivers, Employees and ANY OTHER TYPE OF PERSON OR OCCUPATIONAL ACTIVITY MENTIONED IN A CODE OR STATUTE is always referring to, and can ONLY EVER refer to:::::: Governmental Corporations and Agency Entities and their Taxpayer Department Heads and Offices whose Residents, Individuals and Employees ARE IN FACT the actual FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT CITIZENS that are Required to be Licensed, Permitted and Certified to engage in the Privileged Administrative, Legal, Diplomatic and Financial Activities that are so heavily Regulated and Taxed because they’re so lucrative and influential.

These ‘Persons’ are the CIVILIANS who are SUBJECT to Civil Rules and Procedures, NOT US !!! Martial Law is for THEM when they’re in Civil Rebellion and Lawless as they are right now currently in the year of our Lord God, two thousand and seventeen.

We, as always have been and still today are, The private, self-governing American people. The Heirs-by-Birthright to the Land and all it’s natural resources.

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