Most schooling is a waste of time – elementary, middle, high, college

The typical school for people under 18 is a waste of time. Primarily in comparison to what else one could do with one’s time. If one wants to become an aerospace engineer, one should focus on aerospace engineering. However, conventional schooling requires years of English and history and gym class. This time would be better spent on aerospace engineering.

If one is too young for aerospace engineering, then one can help around the house or just play. I mean there is plenty of time to work later in life when one’s brain can handle tasks needed in business. It is a complete waste of time for people to study history and English and civics just for some incremental benefit.

Nothing will be remembered. Why? Because none of the knowledge will be used. Study French for seven years and if one does not continue to speak the language, one will forget it. Those seven years were a wasted of time.

There are costs. The stress of tests, not found in an everyday work environment. The stress of sitting in a chair for six or seven hours a day. The stress of carrying a book bag filled with books with a total weight nearly exceeding the young man or woman carrying these books.

I’ve been to elementary, middle, and high school and also college. I don’t use any of the knowledge I studied there. I use a few approaches that three college professors taught me, but none of the knowledge. I can’t say the college tuition was worth the benefits.

The time in elementary, middle, and high school was a complete waste of time. A complete waste. 12 years of English? Must I read the classics to run my current business? No. 12 years of math? Must I know geometry and calculus and trig to run my business? No. Six years of science? Interesting topic, but not helping me. I’m not an engineer. 12 years of gym class? Did I need a class to teach me how to play games? All those exams and late nights and pop-quizzes? Spare me. The real world does not have exams. I must perform my duties on a job. It’s a test, in a way, but not like the paper tests in “school.”

In the real world, we don’t study five or six subjects at the same time for an hour each day. We focus on one career and learn topics while working or from books or from training that focuses on the topics relevant to one’s career. We don’t change topics every hour at the sound of a bell.

Need a hall pass to leave the classroom? Passes were needed by slaves to leave their master.

Why are there 12 grades? Likely because someone likes the number 12. Maybe because there are 12 moons during a year. It’s completely arbitrary. Well not exactly. By the time one graduates, after 12 years, one is 18 and has spent most of one’s time with people of the same age. So one is ready for the military. So schooling creates new bodies for the military.

Dare I say that even home schools are bad if they must follow the prescribed curriculum that includes worthless hours spent on science, English, math, etc. Only unschooling is good since one can learn any topics and focus on one topic at a time.

There are some many successful people who left college and high school. Countless tech CEOs left college.

Get out of school as soon as thou can. Study how to change your status and challenge the jurisdiction of the school authorities and the police (policy) officers, in a peaceful, lawful way. With lawful excuse.

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