Microprint on Bank Checks

Microprint on a bank checkOn a paper bank check, for a checking account, the line under the signature is actually microprint, not a line. According to this post, the line says, “Authorized Signature.”

Magnified image of microprint showing: Authorized Signature

Now, why would a man or woman who has a checking account need to be authorized to sign checks for that account?

One reason may be that the name on the account is actually a corporation name, and the man or woman is an authorized agent for that corporation.

On contracts, if one party to the contract hires an agent to administer or sign the contract, then below the signature line, the contract might have “Agent for” or possibly “Authorized Agent for” below the line:

Agent for

This is needed because the man or woman signing the contract is the agent for the party agreeing to be bound by the contract.

Microprint is a good security feature, but why use it in this instance? And why not also put “Authorized Signature” in normal-sized, readable type below the line? Suspicious!



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