Gary This is Keven – Eliminating U.S. Citizen Status

Eliminating U.S. Citizen Status

Trading with the Enemy Act

November 26, 2006
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Removal from Enemy of the State database

Obtaining Diplomatic Standing in National Crime Information System – NCF

No Driver License

Identification Apostiled by SOS

            (Plan to register ID with the Hague )

  1. Declare citizenship on the land. Establish proper political standing. International law, the law of nations and the treaty of nations, guarantees every man the right to make political self determination.
  2. Sever the legal relationship between the man and the person of the defendant, known as the vessel. In Admiralty court the defendant is always called the person of the defendant, the vessel. ( Admiralty Law, West, “In an Admiralty in rem action, jurisdiction over the person of the defendant, the vessel is premised on the presence of the vessel within the district in which the court sits.”)

The vessel resides in the District of Columbia as does the situs of the court. We are a fiduciary for the vessel because there is a trust sitting behind the vessel. So you want to collapse the trust. When you collapse the trust, the relationship with the vessel goes away.

One collapses the trust by appointing the original fiduciary (creator of the trust) for that vessel as the fiduciary (trustee) again with a affidavit of appointment of fiduciary. Any time the trustee and the beneficiary (or the creator) become the one and the same, the trust dissolves and disappears. Law of Trusts, Austin Wakeman Scott, 5 volumes, 1956; Scott on Trusts, 2 volumes.

When the trust is dissolved, and you are no longer the fiduciary, the government has no jurisdiction to take you into the court.

In order to establish authority to appoint a new fiduciary, one has to file a lien against the vessel recorded in the county record . The lien provides authority to appoint a new fiduciary. Then one records the lien on a UCC1. Whittier Law Brief on UCC Filings 1007. (90 pgs), Whittier Law College . (Lewis did this after release)

Serve notice on the original registrar that they are the original fiduciary, that they are being reappointed as fiduciary and send a copy of that to six federal agencies, including:

  1. District IRS office
  2. Commissioner of IRS

One does this by (similar to Acceptance for Value) a twenty line overlay on the front of the birth certificate. On the back side of the birth certificate, put a $1 red fox stamp and to the left of it write “See attached document for appointment of new fiduciary” Signed and dated over the stamp and have notarized. Send the original to the court and certified copies to everybody and their brother. All action in the court ceased.

November 3rd Judge issued a warrant (to arrest Lewis), without naming the person to be arrested. November 4 th the Clerk issued a warrant, without the judges signature and no court seal and no one has executed it. Lewis was sentenced for 10 months and three years of supervised release. Lewis visited the probation officer three times only.

  1. Declaration of  Citizenship ( pursuant to Trading With Enemy Act, TWEA)
  2. Sever Legal relationship with the vessel and eliminate all fiduciary liability
  3. Eliminate Social Security Adhesions
  4. Eliminate other public contracts, such as driver license, voter registration, etc.
  5. Execute a contract with John Snow, Secretary of Treasury, under 40 Stat 411, TWEA, for protection and whatever else you would like him to do. Section 16 says that “When you have proper standing as a non U.S. citizen but as one of the people they must provide you with protection. The missing key was collapsing the trust.

The way one collapses the trust is by appointing the original fiduciary (creator) as fiduciary again. The State Registrar was the creator of the vessel and the birth certificate, the originator of the trust. One has 30 days from the eighteenth birthday to revoke the trust.  His name should be at the bottom of the birth certificate.

One must notify:

  1. Comptroller of the Bankruptcy, because of the affect on the banking system
  2. Secretary of state
  3. Commissioner of IRS, because of the effect on his records
  4. U.S. Attorney General
  5. Associate U.S. Attorney General
  6. Chief Counsel of the Office of Foreign Asset Control pursuant to 40 Stat 411.

Until these agents are properly notified of the Declaration of Citizenship and the Change in Fiduciary Relationship, one will not be out of the system.

The last step is to create a self executing contract with Mr. John Snow to have him do everything you want him to do pursuant to 40 Stat 411 and 31 CFR 500 & 501 (300 pages). He is given 30 days to respond. If he does not respond, one records an affidavit of non response on the 35 th day. Do not record the original document. Only record the affidavit of non response. Serve all the above agents with a notice of non response.

In another 30 days Snow has a fiduciary obligation to perform under 40 Stat 411. He has been performing every time. If you give him an order to expunge the case, he has to do it.

Charlie: “If you gave him an order to open his treasury account and expose the accounting, he has to do it.”

Lewis: “Actually he doesn’t. You can achieve that by going to the Secretary of State. There are two accounts there. We asked for the accounting on one account and they gave us the balance of over $400 million.”

Under 40 Stat 411 there are two accounts specified. They are specified in 1923 dollars to accrue at 5 percent per annum interest. That is the bond they had to put up to support their system for every man, woman and child in this nation. This was before the Roosevelt administration changed it in 1933. They put this in place so that Roosevelt could make all the persons in the nation enemies of the state.

Charlie: I verified last week that I created an account in the FED based on the documents that you got and that is the only one that will be issued.

Lewis: I know specifically that I have two accounts under the same number that I have verified.

C: I put a call on the FED for more than the national debt recently. Do you understand what I mean by a call? I believe we can access our account in a very secure way.

L: I have a problem with the banks stealing my instruments.

C: What are you going to do with a bank? I can show you how to deal with that. There are a lot of coincidences here…

L: You will be able to get funds guaranteed to you under TWEA.

C: Federal court rules tells you exactly how to register the contract and how to enforce it. There is an issue between John Snow and the FED.

L: It is simpler to do a contract with Snow. After one has a contract set up with Snow, I have an instrument that works, if you can get the bank to execute it. I had two banks steal the instruments.

C: How much do you know about their corporate charter? How familiar are you with the distresses? Are you aware that you can get the Federal Court Clerk to perfect the distresses for you within the court rules? He is the sole exclusive party that can execute the instrument. He is the fiduciary over all the accounts. He is the fiduciary for anyone signed up with that system,

L: Yes, under 28 USC 2367. The feds were after me because I had claims against two banks for $39m and $14.7m. Pluses exposed the fraud being perpetrated by the banks. That is why they raided my home. In my case, they got the originals from my home and purged everything in the public recorders office.

C: Have you seen our acceptance of oath we have been using and the closure of the account on the indictment? I will send it to you. Spread it around.

L: They cannot attach a creditor. Snow has fiduciary liability once you have upper standing. The key is that it is bonded. I sent Snow a copy of:

  1. the bond and
  2. a certification of the bond which is a separate document.
  3. I sent him a copy of the declaration of citizenship, and
  4. The appointment of the new fiduciary

I asked him to fix the problem that one of his rogue tax collectors caused. They release the guy eight days after it was received by Snow. So far, we have been successful on every one. We have finished this twelve times in four states.

One of our guys was a fugitive for a couple of years. The feds were after him. He had served three years on a five year sentence and they gave him ten years of supervised release. He never reported to the probation officer. We did the five steps for him and about six weeks after the last step, he was arrested by the FBI. When they took him into court, the prosecutor refused to come to the hearing. The judge called the US Attorney by cell phone from the courtroom. And the attorney said “The United States had no interest in this matter. What you do with him is up to you.” The Judge rescheduled the hearing and demanded the attorney dismiss the charges in person. There six guys with the prosecutor from the US Attorney Generals office in Washington DC . One of them repeated what the attorney said previously and that the judge was on his own personal liability.  The judge dismissed the case.

One of the six attorneys went into the judges chambers. They processed the prisoner and escorted him to the front desk within 15 minutes, where one of the US Attorneys was waiting for him. “Here is my business card; it has a 24 hour hot line number. If anybody ever bothers you again, call immediately. We will take care of it.”

After you execute the contract with Snow under the provisions of TWEA, 40 Stat 411, Sections 7, 9 and 16, this is the result. It says that after one has proper standing, and have established a relationship with the Comptroller, they have a duty to protect you. They are bonded to do so and they have taken an oath to do so. They are all operating as a military status.

C: I have a good relationship with the person that owns the gold that the U.S. is using for a bond.

L: The pay of a treasury agent is the same a the pay of a first lieutenant. And they have the same clearances. They are operating under martial law.

I recommend a very good set of books on the history of US law called the National Law Library, by Collier, 1939, 6 volumes. They are available on EBay for less than $100. It tells you what to do to turn the system around.

C: Breach of peace is the highest crime under international law. We set up a claim in 2003, recorded in Georgia . Ten federal agencies along with some people from Europe , tried to get it out of the recorders office. But the recorder went to a state judge and got an order for them to cease and desist. The European central bank wants to buy it at face value.

I don’t care if they give me specie or FRN’s because they are still bonded with gold. They are private notes, so there has to be a bond on them and I know the party that has the bond on them. One of the notes in the Perry case was handed to me for execution last week. Of the nine documents that were on the pile, the last one was an insurance premium paid by the FED owners from day one.
L: I did a demonstration for a couple of friends on how to handle a traffic stop. I sped past a policeman without license plates or any identification. When I gave my Christian appellation and my status, to him, he went back and checked it on his radio and turned his lights off and asked my passengers: “Do you have the same standing as this man?” They said no. So he said “That is too bad. If it was up to me, you could all go now. But now I will have to have my sergeant make this decision.”

I had no proof that I had diplomatic status. But they treat me with a great deal of respect.

The US has been under the rule of the Vatican since the beginning because they are a corporation sole under the Vatican . On Monday a new set of rules took affect regarding aircraft. The International Mobile Registry is the place to register all aircraft for all treaty nations to the Cape Town Agreement of 2001.

It is all private law, not International law. It is owned by the same people that own public law 88-243 (1968), the UCC. 88-244 is the club of Rome . The UCC was written and is owned by UNIDROIT. It is in the Vatican . The U.S. pays $260,000 per year to them for the use of the UCC. The International Registry is the private law of UNIDROIT.

C: Public Law 88-244 (1963) The U.S. …all its law through the private club of Rome which is UNIDROIT.  
www.unidroit. org



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  1. So if you are over the age of 30 days after the 18th birthday, then you cannot eliminate your fiduciary liability?

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