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This is going to be a startling post. You only have to go to school because your parents did three things and you can undo these actions. 

  1. Your parents gave away legal control of you when they submitted a “certificate of live birth” and received the birth certificate. This gave away “legal title” of you to the entity that accepted the certificate of live birth. This has to do with trust law.
  2. Your parents got you a social security number. This is another contract that transfers power to the entity that offers the social security insurance. This may have made you an employee of the United States (Inc). This US Inc may be the same as the country, United States, or may be a corporation created by the country. The corporation can do things that a country cannot do.
  3. Your parents got a marriage license and this was a three-party contract between your father, your mother, and the entity that issued the license. This was not necessary. They voluntarily asked for the license and the associated contract. Anything that needs to be signed is a contract. Contracts have stipulations such as you must send your child to the local government school or teach your child the information mandated by the local government.

If your parents do not have a marriage license, there is no birth certificate, and you don’t have a social security number, than the federal and state governments do not have jurisdiction (control) over you and cannot force you to go to their schools or force you to get their vaccine shots!

It’s all about jurisdiction. If you live in Oregon, the school authorities of California cannot force you to go to school because they don’t have jurisdiction (control) over children in Oregon. If the child of a French citizen is playing outside during school hours, the local authorities can’t stop this because they don’t have jurisdiction. Now, jurisdiction comes from a contract, at least for the context of this post. No contract. No jurisdiction.

Now there are downsides to undoing the social security contract, the birth certificate contract, and the marriage contract/license. But the upside is no one can force you to go to school. It’s entirely possible that most other statutes will not apply to you either, such as not being allowed to work if you are under 16 or 18, the drinking age, driving a car (not vehicle).

Statutes are not laws. They are rules of a society. There are many societies, not just one big society. The society that you think of is really the culture. A society is a club. Statutes are rules of the club. They are legislative rules of society given the force of law by consent of the governed. They are given the force of law, but they are not inherently laws. And consent of the governed means consent by you, not a majority of people.

Everyone refers to the entity that issued the three items above as government. That might not be the case. It might be a corporation created by the government to do things the government could not normally do, based on the constitution. However, by creating a corporation to do the dirty work, then the constitution does not apply. Then the corporation convinces people to contract, thereby giving the corporation control and penalties can have penal consequences.

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