UPDATED: Distracting, disruptive, non-traditional hair color leads to suspension threat

Dresden Middle School threatens 7th grader w/ suspension & juvenile court due to “non-traditional” hair color which they consider “distracting & disruptive”.

Principal Pam Harris pulled Talise Bryant away from other students on Friday Aug. 16, 2012 to inform her that if her black & pink hair was not in compliance w/ school policy on Monday that they would separate her from other students & not only suspend her but have her taken the to juvenile court & that because she is over the age of 10, no parent or guardian would be allowed to be w/ her & that she (Mr. Harris) highly suggested that Talise dye her hair over the weekend (no parent was called nor at the school at the time of this threat).

The family did file a complaint with Weakley County Board of Education (Mr. Randy Frazier) on Aug 6 giving the Circuit Court rulings stating that hair was ruled as freedom of expression & requested that they change the policy under the Massie v. Henry ruling 1972 & McNew v. Surry County High 1999.

The Principal Mrs. Pam Harris called that following Tuesday saying she & the board received the letter and that it was sent to the schools attorney in Nashville and that a response would be given within 5 business days. On Aug. 17, 2012 Mr. Frazier the School Board Director returned Ms. Bryants call, after she was instructed the day before from the principal to contact the school board for the attorneys written opinion, and that the attorney stated that board was within their right to place such a ban. Mr. Frazier either could not or would not explain what the school deems distracting & disruptive, but when asked by Ms. Bryant instead he stated that if 1 kid is allowed to dye their hair every kid would attend school w/ blue, green, orange or purple hair.

When asked to get the school boards attorneys opinion in writing (as that is what was claimed) Mr. Frazier said that the complaint was only sent to be put on file with the attorney & that it is his opinion that the hair policy is within his and the schools constitutional right.

As of Monday Aug 20, 2012 Talise Bryant will be suspended or as per the statement to Talise at the school; basically be arrested & sent to juvenile court.


Talise was seperated from other students on Monday Aug 20, 2012 & officially suspended on Aug 21. The suspension took place prior to the schools 2 week conformity policy. Since school started on Aug 8 talise should have been allowed to stay in school until Aug 23 without having to dye her hair to a “natural color”.
The suspension form states Talise is suspend “Indefinitly or until in compliance with the Weakley County school dress code” & that during this time “suspended students receive a ZERO for grades missed”. Talise will not be allowed to have or make up an assignments during her suspension.


Please contact mother of student by emailing Libertarian Rock.

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