Suspended for growing hair to help cancer patients

A charter high school suspended a student for his long hair that he wants to donate to cancer victims.  J.T. Gaskins survived leukemia as a child. He refused to brush his hair differently to mask the length. He’s missed five days of classes and the school sends his work home.

Beatles album cover late 60s with long hair Much of the focus has been on getting the school to compromise. A better outcome would be for the school to simply scrap a policy that echoes the early 1960s. I thought the Beatles showed that long hair is not a problem, and might even help with the creative process.

Some schools back in the 60s likely forced women to wear skirts and to keep their hair long. Women’s rights have progressed. Now we need freedom for everyone to dress and look as they choose.

J.T. Gaskins is a modern John Lennon. He’s standing firm to assert his right to express himself.

Hopefully other will start to grow their hair long. Or maybe everyone, both male and female students, could tie their hair back to look like a bunch of cut-outs.

See photo of J.T.

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