Prom cancelled to avoid lesbian couple

A local regimentation center (aka, “public school”) cancelled a prom to avoid letting a lesbian couple attend, with one female hoping to wear a tux. The ACLU threatened to sue the regimentation center. Two female students asked to attend after reading a memo that required one’s date to be of the opposite sex.

In every setback there is opportunity. The idea of having a party tied to a regimentation center could be a gone forever if students/inmates join together to host a private prom–free from their conservative neighbors who use the regimentation center to squash any type of unique behavior, including unconventional romantic interests.

A private prom would welcome individuality, not conformity. All would be welcome: individuals with any sexual interest, those who prefer casual clothes, students of any age. All these individuals could join together for one night to celebrate life, friendship, love, and the pending liberation of the oldest in attendance from the regimentation center.

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One comment on “Prom cancelled to avoid lesbian couple

  1. It's called free will, they have the right to be lesbians if they want! If they aren't hurting anybody than what's the problem? I'm not a lesbian, I'm straight and still I've had people ask me if I am, when they first meet me!!! Like if I am then they want nothing to do with me? Well guess what I don't want to have anything to do with people that have homophobia. Because it's morally wrong. We should all just live and let live!!

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