Kentucky seeks to raise exodus age from regimentation

Members of the Kentucky mob (aka government) recently sought to increase the exodus age (aka dropout age) from the local regimentation centers (aka public schools). Local press promoted the bill as likely to pass but a procedural vote squashed it.

The mobsters wanted to raise the exodus age from 16 to 18, over the course of two years, starting in 2013. They used two political techniques: (1) set a future date (2) and gradually tighten the restriction. However, any restriction at any time, now or in the future, must be a call to fight. Fortunately, a fight is not needed at this time. Though, the mobsters will be back, and next time they might postpone the change 10 years into the future to further dampen resistance.

The words of the bill remove some of the shine from the euphemism of “public schools.” The bill begins with, “AN ACT relating to compulsory school attendance.” An even more accurate start would be,  AN ACT relating to regimentation of young citizens to make them respond to hourly bells, top-down instruction, humiliation, lack of privacy, peer bullying….

Fight back by trying to lower the exodus age in your town. No age is too young. 15, 14…11. For those of you younger than the exodus age, try to switch to self-learning (aka home schooling) or get your GED and then apply to a tech company with a founder without a college degree, or better, without a “high school” regimentation degree.

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2 comments on “Kentucky seeks to raise exodus age from regimentation

  1. And let’s not forget MIT is now also offering online courses, while not giving any degrees out for free, they will give certificates of completion or so I’m told.

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