10 rules for dealing with the police

flextrafficstopDid you know that if the police ask you to step out of your car, you should close and lock the door after you exit? Same goes for your home, step outside and speak to the police outside your home. A video from Flex Your Rights illustrates this advice and more. For an encounter, the video shows how you should not act, then shows how you should act. If the former, the subject goes to jail. In the latter, he or she proceeds.

This advice might come in handy when dealing with police who use curfews as an excuse to stop teenagers. The police might be more interested in seeing if you are breaking one of the thousands of federal, state, and local laws that bind us like Gulliver. And this video will show you how to keep the officer focused on the curfew.

The Flex Your Rights video acts out the encounters. For real life videos, you must view the videos of Checkpoint USA showing encounters with internal suspicisionless checkpoints. Some of these encounters can last for 30 minutes. Some end with the person proceeding on. Others end with broken windshields, smashed with the batons of internal, gov’t power-hungry officials. Don’t miss the blog as well.

Now don’t take this as legal advice, but most curfew laws have first amendment exceptions, that unfortunately require an explicit political activity,  rather than just the freedom to assemble for a rock concert, discussion or any other reason. Theoretically, you could always say you are heading to or coming from a political event. Just have the name of one in mind, and the event could be a political meeting  at a local fast food place.

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