Seminar About Govt School Alternatives+

If you oppose curfews and wonder about alternatives to government schools, learn more about how governments restrict economic freedoms. Consider attending the Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminar offered by The Independent Institute in Oakland, California, in June or August. The fee is $195 for one week of classes and discussion. Learn about alternatives to government schools, government roads…pretty much government everything. Ask about private cities, with private sidewalks and gathering spaces patrolled by private police–areas where curfew laws may be less (or more)  likely to be applied.

As you might expect, government school textbooks (and many gov’t teachers) praise government solutions, regardless of how these “solutions” affect your rights and irrespective of their effectiveness. This seminar favors non-government solutions, ones you probably don’t learn about at your school.

Here’s a description from the program’s website:

Our five-day series of lectures, readings, films, multimedia presentations, and small group discussion teaches students what economics is, how it affects their lives, and how understanding it can help them achieve better lives for themselves, their communities, and the world at large. Informative, inspiring, and fun, The Challenge of Liberty is an ideal way to make summer vacation intellectually rewarding.

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