Gov’t schools morph into vaccine needles

flu shot imageThe totalitarians running government youth propaganda camps (schools) tell us all students must get flu vaccinations to protect other students and teachers. They point out that schools have many individuals who sit near each other and these individuals are forced to do athletics for part of the day, making bodily contact more likely. Yet, the same could be said for a local movie theater or health club or the typical workplace, many of which also have health clubs. And all these institutions don’t require vaccinations.

Once again, the government’s schools have overstepped their primary purpose of providing an education (if that was the primary purpose). The schools are supposed to teach reading, writing and arithmetic. Instead bureaucrats are using schools take control of people’s bodies.

A more respectful approach would be to forbid anyone with a contagious illness from attending school.  Since some students might be contagious before showing symptoms, the admins could adopt healthy policies used by workplaces and hospitals, such as asking students to practice good hygiene, posting signs encouraging people regularly wash hands, and providing hand disinfectant dispensers.

These tactics take work. It’s easier for our totalitarian rulers to simply inject potentially worthless and harmful vaccines into imprisoned students. If a private organization tried this approach, customers would go elsewhere, and this is why you don’t see movie theaters and gyms requiring vaccines.

Fight Back

If you don’t want to get the flu vaccine, make up any excuse to avoid it. Say your allergic to eggs. Get your parents involved. Threaten to transfer to another school. Or just leave and try home schooling. Someone at your school got an exemption. You can too.

New York state health care workers are protesting flu vaccine mandates. They yelled, “No more shots,” and argued the state does not own their bodies. Your school doesn’t own your body either!

A flu shot permanently harmed this woman. Don’t let it happen to you:

Please note, this column is not providing medical advice. Please speak to your physician for your medical needs.

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