Students protest closed campus proposal

According to an article in the Daily Freeman News, more than 300 students at a high school in Kingston, New York, protested a proposal to forbid juniors and seniors from leaving campus during lunch period. Long a privilege of juniors and seniors, the opportunity to leave campus suddenly represents a grave danger in the minds of local totalitarian administrators who think more like POW camp officials then school managers. What’s the next step? Don’t let students leave at the end of the school day?

Fortunately, the school did not stop students from exercising their free speech rights. However, those who skipped class may face three-day in school suspensions. The police showed up during the protest and forbid students from leaving the campus. The police even tackled and cuffed one student who tried to leave.

The Kingston school district is one of only three in New York state that actually allows students to leave during lunch. Students in the other 54 school districts show up for prison each day, can’t leave for another six hours, and must eat cafeteria food.

According to some students, the school’s cafeteria can’t even accommodate all the students, and that’s the main reason they let students leave campus during lunch. Already some students must eat lunch at 10:30 a.m. – a time for snacks in the real world. One student suggested a better protest would have been for all students to show up at the cafeteria during their assigned lunch periods to prove the cafeteria is too small. However, this would have placed the focus on the cafeteria size, not the basic freedom to leave school when not in class. The students don’t want a larger cafeteria; they want to go out for lunch.

Junior Kyle Russo said leaving campus refreshes him. Uh oh! The administrators can’t have refreshed students. Must keep students one heart beat above a coma to make them more susceptible to government propaganda!

Since offense if the best defense, the students could also try to roll back the restriction on freshman and sophomores. This will force administrators to DEFEND the existing restriction, instead of applying the restriction to juniors and seniors.

Take action:

  • Read the original article and post a comment in defense of people’s right to leave school when not in class!
  • If you are allowed to leave campus during lunch, do it. Exercise your limited freedoms before school dictators take them away.
  • Stage a protest against your school’s closed campus! But don’t skip class!
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2 comments on “Students protest closed campus proposal

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  2. Read the part about how a policeman tackled and cuffed a teenager who tried to leave, that's rather infuriating.
    I always tell myself while at  highschool that I can just walk out if I don't feel like putting up with something.
    If a cop tried cuffing me, I'd flip out.

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