Students use local TV news to overturn jelly bracelet ban

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(2004) Hello, I currently attend a public high school where the principal is trying to ban jelly bracelets. Other people like to call them “sex bracelets”. I and a lot of my other friends don’t follow the stupid “Snap” game, we just like to wear the bracelets because we like them and they express our individualty. Some of the teachers have been cutting the bracelets off peoples arms without warning them first.

We are definitly going to talk to the principal about this and how we think this is unfair. But my question is: Are we making a big deal about this? I’m definitly prepared to get suspended and I strongly believe in student rights but I just don’t know if we should let this go. Both my mind and my heart are telling me to fight this. Do you guys feel the same way? Please write me back I would highly appreciate this.

Libertarian Rock Reply: It’s a personal decision to stand up for your rights. There are consequences. You have to decide on your own. My own personal view is that a bit of press attention would likely keep the administration in line.

I’m not a lawyer and you should consult a lawyer for actual legal advice. As far as I have read, students have the right to free expression as long as the expression is not disruptive. School’s often try to unlawfully stop people from wearing controversial t-shirts. Seems like bracelets are not disruptive.

There are ways to protest the administration without risk of suspension. You can call the press, stage a protest on the sidewalk, start a petition. I led many protests, never got arrested, was always peaceful, and was courteous with the police.

Update: Hi, thanks for writing back. Last night on the news they interviewed our principal and a couple of my friends. Our principal said that he would warn students first to take them off. My two friends who were interviewed had said they had both gotten into trouble but would still continue to wear them. They had also said that they had talked to the principal and he would let them wear them. I think this is unfair because the rest of the school still has to take them off. I’m still going to talk to my principal on Monday. I will keep you posted. Thank you for the support!!

Update: Hey, it’s me again. I’m just writing you real quick to let you know what happened. I went to school on Monday and I was so prepared to talk to the principal, it turns out though that the ban was off. I guess it was getting too big of an issue so he forgot about it. All my friends and I wear our jelly bracelets proudly! But now because of all the big mess the principal made, everyone knows about the double meaning. So really in all reality it was all his fault that everyone found out. Thanks again for your suggestions and support.

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