Expelled because of rumors, then reinstated due to lawsuit

I am a sophmore, age 15. In April of 2004, i was expelled from my high school for a calendar year because i was accused of selling cough medicine to a girl…Although it may sound weird, its true. Some of you may know that Coriciden, a cough medicine, can also be used as a intoxicant.It was pretty much a normal day at school, and in my 5th period, a security guard fomr my school asked my teacher if i was in this class, and escorted me to the deans office where i was searched. There i figured out a girl and her foster sister had taken coriciden and said i sold it to them. Now the thing i didnt understand is that why would they say i sold it to them? Then I relized if they stole it or got it from a friend of theres, they would get in more trouble.

Now when i was in the deans office, the school cop, who shall remain nameless, searched me again, and again, and again. That day i was wearing a band shirt, “wasted youth” and explaining to my dad that “well if he was my kid, i sure as hell wouldnt let him wear a shirt like that”. I was suspended 3 weeks before i got expelled, with no work, so i couldnt keep up in my normal work, which caused me to fall behind and made me take summer school.

Since they had said I supposedly gave the cough medicine to the girls during 2nd and 3rd passing period, many of my friends, who were with me at the time, talked to the dean and the school cop saying there was no way i could have given the pills to the girls, but for some reason, none of these testimonials made their way into the report…I wonder why?

So naturally i appealed the case, twice. The first one was denied. The 2nd one, which was recent (early september) was taken to the board of trustees. While I was there, several points were made by my lawyer, and a nuetral lawyer saying that what the school did was wrong, and I should go back. But in between the private jokes and food breaks while i was waiting nervously, they finally announced i couldnt go back until april of 2005.

So now i am at a community school doing independent study. Now I am doing incredibly well there, but since i am in independent study, college is going ot be extremely hard to get into, and there is no possible way i could go every day becuase the distance of the school and my house, and i wouldnt have a ride. So there it is, My life has been fucked for the next 8 months, and maybe longer (through high school and college) because of heresay. Ridiculous

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