Anti-Curfew Rockstar in Gladstone, Oregon

HEY! i made a bunch of stickers yesterday, 200 to be percise, and boy did they go over well. today i distributed about 75, and it got me into a lot of cool discussions with people, some of wich I really didnt peg as the type to be so intrested. a lot of people told me they were really proud of what I was doing, expressing my opinion and getting the word out. one fellow student even told me that when he turns 18 in a few months now he plans on running for city council ASAP, wich really makes ME proud, knowing that im not alone in trying to get things done.

me and one of my more intelegent teachers got into a discussion about it right in the middle of class, and although he really wasent supportive of the stickers content, (being that it suggest someone plead innocent instead of contesting the law via a different plea, kind of like saying “I sorta broke the law, but im not pleading guilty because the law is unconstitutional.” some more information about this on lib-rock would be really good.) but he was generally agreeable that what i was doing was a good thing in general, however i should do it right, and I quote: “go within the legal system instead of going around it, trying to negate any law you want by just ignoring it. thats like protesting murder laws by killing people.” honestly, now that i think about it, i should have reminded him that not being able to vote or hold office basically barracades me from going within the system, and that all im really trying to do now is inform people as to there rights. anyways, keep up the good work, and dont hesitate to send me more stickers, those suckers arent too cheap to make.. and im gonna run out soon. =)

Dylan S.
Gladstone, OR

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