Young student retaliates against government school teacher

If an employee at a fast-food restaurant consistently teased you, you would probably respond by eating at a different restaurant. But what if it was a government restaurant and you were forced to eat there? Well, you might choose another response to the employee.A 12-year-old student, who attended one of the government’s schools, was faced with a similar situation. His teacher was teasing him but, like most U.S. citizens, there was not another convenient school in the area. To retaliate for the teasing, the student urinated in the teacher’s water bottle and was subsequently placed on 6 months probation.

We do not condone his act but we empathize with his predicament. He couldn’t easily switch schools and he probably knew that his complaints would probably go unheard because the government rarely fires or even reprimands its employees.

We believe that the stereotypical rebellious student is actually rebelling for many legitamite reasons. The average student under 18 is forced to go to school, not allowed to work, not allowed to drive and can’t even enter a bar. We would rebel if the goverment gave us similar restrictions.

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