Liberty Youth Coalition Repeal the Curfew Campaign

The Liberty Youth Coalition’s post-Thanksgiving Day protest was a success. They gathered at one of the most popular malls in Orange County, CA, on the busiest shopping day of the year. Here is a note from Doug Scribner, one of the organizers:

“There were tons of people who drove by and honked in support (or hung out of their cars and screamed their support!).

We also passed out our new brochure with our website, email, and new voice mail number (The site is also listed).

We were directly across the street from Orange County’s juvenile detention center, so cops were constantly driving by. We gave them an extra cheer and friendly wave (we were polite because we wanted to prove we don’t need a curfew). Also, security guards from the mall cruised by on their intimidating bicycles twice but did nothing because we were on taxpayer funded sidewalks.

This was our first protest and we had 10 to 12 people with us. Everyone had fun and swapped stories of curfew arrests and the conformity police. Plus we talked about our next protest–in Huntington Beach, which is known far and wide for their Nazi-esque curfew enforcement. We will be there AFTER 10pm with cop-kryptonite (stickers from!). Stay tuned for details.”

See photos from the protest

(11/23/99) – The protest will take place on November 26th, the day after Thanksgiving (the busiest shopping day of the year) at the Block in Orange at 4:30pm (we hope to be on the 6pm news). We will be right outside the entrance on the public sidewalk near Vans skate park right across from Juvenille Hall (how ironic. We planned it that way!).

We also need to make signs. If you can join us for a sign making party this week let me know right away. Let me know if you can help on Monay night, Tuesday night, or Friday morning in Costa Mesa. Feel free to call me, Doug Scribner, at (949) 515-8101 or by email and I’ll send you directions.

(11/17/99) – Thanks for announcing our rumored curfew protest. It is indeed being planned for the 26th of November (the day after Thanksgiving, busiest shopping day of the year!). We are keeping the exact location secret until the last minute.

It will be held at 4:30 pm to get on the 6 o’clock news. Will it go on until after the 10 o’clock curfew? It depends on the turnout and the will of the participants.

The stickers you sent will be GREAT ammunition against ignorant cops who will be sure to be harassing us if we’re there past 10pm.

The location is still a secret but will be revealed on the new web site of the Liberty Youth Coalition.

This is probably the best time to introduce all the Libertarian Rockstars out there to the Liberty Youth Coalition, an organization inspired by Libertarian Rock!

It all started in an all girl, Catholic school (really!) when Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Steve Kubby spoke about his race and medical marijuana. That was all it took for Amber Tsujioka and Kamie Kovacks to want to get involved with fighting for the rights of the youth! Read Amber’s article at our new web site (thanks to Geoff Olsen for being web master and a totally bomb ass activist who blankets Orange County with flyers about the curfew protest).

Our motto is “youth is not a crime” which nicely compliments Libertarian Rock’s “hanging out is not a crime”. Another motto we have to put mom and dad at ease is “Parents, not Politicians”.

In the future we hope to do more then just protest curfews, but also host raves and other parties to spread the word that Youth is NOT a Crime! —

Doug Scribner
Vice Chairman
Libertarian Party of Orange County, California

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