The Fascist Regime

Well, it was bound to happen. Eventually, the schools would cross the line, and it would be time for them to realize my awesome oratory powers. There has been some next level shit going on at and around my school, and it all started off with the school shootings. With that, came the notion that the parents would have to be pacified(?! Shouldn’t they be the ones that are responsible for this whole mess???) And with that, came the Fascist measures brought to restrict the basic freedoms that we have fought so duly for. We fought wars in which millions of people were killed because of slavery, an Arab, the invasion of an insignificant Asian nation, the invasion of European Nations, but we still can’t practice what we preach. So, let me begin by showing you, the unbiased viewer what the hell is going on.The Locks at my high school, tates creek senior high, where the high and mighty (my ass) brian litrel is from, are only to be bought from the staff at tates creek for the unjustifiable amount of five dollars. Five fucking dollars for a lock. But its more then a lock, because it has the stylish feature of having a key hole in the back, so the police and principal don’t even have to have your permission to search your locker. Well well well, how constitutional is that? so much for the fourth amendment. It now is more than just a lock, it is now a shackle, a shackle to the bonds of Fascism, no longer are we free to have a normal lock, we must buy from a sole source, the school (a monopoly, another no-no), and have them be able to gain access to our lockers at anytime. Me, being the ever vigilant, decided against having a locker altogether, and keeping my books on me at all times.

Next Case in Point: “The Lunch” — Every one deserves to eat lunch, and have the freedom to roam the halls as we see fit after consuming what the school calls a lunch, right? Well, apparently not so at tates creek. You see, the school has this idea, that, for the safety of the students, we need to stay in the cafeteria area in order to say

The only way to break the cycle is to stand up for what you believe in, and take it to the highest level that you need to take it to

safe. BULLSHIT! How is staying in one area going to keep me safe? if anything, it is going to make it easier for us to get killed, shot, or blown to hell by some fanatical person on some vindictive run! Think about it…would you want to hunt down all of the people you hate? or just blow away half of the school, and get even more of what you want. Just wait…..I will have pictures of what it looks like, and you can see how the cattle… students get treated.

Closed Campus: What the hell is this all about? Is this about safety? My left nut. If the schools were really concerned with our safety, then why wouldn’t they allow us to sign a waiver of liability? Because once we realize that there are ways around the system, its just going to get locked down even more. The only way to break the cycle is to stand up for what you believe in, and take it to the highest level that you need to take it to, even if it is something petty and uncalled for, because in the end, the only thing that matters is what you did to correct the problem, not how much you bitched about it.

Tates Creek’s Dress Code: The down and dirty: Girls: Shoulders and backs cannot be exposed, and must be covered. Skirts and shorts must come down to at least your fists at your side. Guys: Pants Must be belted at the waist, no chains off of your pants. What the fuck is that going to prevent? Just because I am staring at some of the girls legs (which are very nice, considering that UK was rated the best looking campus in playboy!!!) doesn’t mean that I am distracted…wait…I guess I am distracted, but Its my choice if I want to get a hard on and embarrass myself. The shoulders thing is really outrageous…”DAMN!! I cannot concentrate with all of these naked shoulders everywhere!” right…my ass. Now, what the hell does belting our pants have to do with anything? I mean, fastening them at the waste makes sense, but it’s still not going to distract anyone…no chains? what? are metal chains that much of a distraction to anyone? is it for safety? HELL NO!

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