Students forced to sign confidentiality agreement

Students at an Illinois high school were inappropriately asked to sign aconfidentiality agreement that asks all participants to not discuss any information mentioned a class that promoted homosexuality. There were reports that students were told that if they did not sign the agreement, they would be sent to the dean’s office. District Supt. George Fornero said requiring children to sign the confidentiality agreement wasn’t right and the district would be honest with parents in the future about such seminars.

Though the agreement form does not specifically ask students to not mention the class to their parents, many parents feel this is the implied intent. Some people have pointed out that totalitarian regimes always try to separate children from their parents in order to make them more receptive to the government’s propaganda. If students do not go home and discuss topics with their parents, then they will be more likely to believe the information promoted in the class.

A group of parents is seeking to completely end the five-year practice that allows upper-class homosexual students to promote their lifestyle to incoming freshmen students. The parents recently took out an ad in a local newspaper that states the class discussions are inappropriate for schools, and students should have the option to opt-out. Concerned parents are encouraged to contact the school board.

The newspaper ad about the class states the class is more about promoting homosexuality rather than inclusion since there are no panels of other students who can be the victims of insults, such as those who are overweight or who have speech impediments. There could understandably be a class that promotes civil treatment of other students regardless of one’s own personal opinion of another student’s behavior, as long as the classes do not turn into a means to promote these behaviors.

Those who have been persecuted are now using their tortured history as a means to turn everyone else into a victim. Everyone must now be lectured not only about why it’s inappropriate to insult another student, but the lecture includes why you should consider being like the people who were insulted.

Completely opting out of an objectionable class is potentially not possible. A recent Massachusetts court ruling (U.S. District Judge Mark L. Wolf), which is under appeal, states that parents may not remove their children from a class because they disagree with the subject matter. The case involves Christian parents who tried to remove their children from elementary school session that advocated homosexuality.

It appears the protesters have accomplished at least one goal: students will no longer be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. Parents may still be waiting to see all the materials from the class. One person claimed that in Illinois parents are legally allowed to view all course materials. It may be necessary to get the courts involved to uphold this law.

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To contact the school:
Deerfield High School
1959 N. Waukegan Rd – Deerfield, IL 60015
(224) 632-3000

Principal: Al Fleming

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