Stop your abduction

When you go to sleep tonight, you may not have to set your alarm because two big guys are going to wake you up, force you into their car, and then drive you to a teen concentration camp. You can prevent your abduction or possibly ensure you’re ultimate escape by visiting the website of Teen Aid, an organization that protects the civil and human rights of teens.

Teen concentration camps are businesses that market themselves as rehabilitation facilities but unlike traditional facilities, these camps use physical abuse, isolation, and many other violent methods to change the behavior of teens. Often the government fails to monitor these camps due to laziness and because many politicians, who routinely steal the rights of teens, support the physical methods of the camps.

In response to the U.S. government’s failure to shut down these camps, Alexia Parks started Teen Aid to help teens avoid abduction, inform parents about what actually goes on at the camps, and to lobby for laws that will outlaw the camps and imprison parents who consent to the kidnapping of their children.

Visit Teen Aid’s website to learn how to avoid abduction. Alexia first suggests that you cry “rape,” if you are forced to go to one of the camps. You may also want to file emancipation papers and notify the police. Even though the police may arrest you for smoking and drinking, they are required to stop kidnappings.

Teen Aid’s website has many provocative letters from teens who were forced to stay at the camps and even letters from parents who now regret that they actually paid for their children to be turned into zombies.

On the site, Alexia talks about winning the war against these camps. As we have said before, on election day, make the voting booth your battle ground, the polling lever your sword, and the Libertarian Party your Cavalry. Libertarian politicians will help us win the war by abolishing the camps and imprisoning parents who knowingly send their children to any institution that violates human rights. These camps only exist because politicians allow them to exist.

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  1. It is horrible that there are “parents” who are more than willing to give the OK for their own children to be put through such hell.

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