School prom breath tests

Many government high schools are now randomly administering Breathalyzer tests to all students who attend school proms. The Delaware River Valley Regional High School recently adopted this policy for all school dances after more than a dozen students were suspended for arriving drunk at the fall homecoming dance.Before this policy, teachers and administrators usually enforced the no-alcohol rule by observing students and by detecting if alcohol was on anyone’s breath. Students who were caught by teachers were forced to leave the prom and subject to a 10-day suspension.

The Delaware school’s lawyer warned that the Constitution might prevent the school prescribing a punishment based on the results of random drug tests. Therefore, to avoid lawsuits, students who fail the breath test will be barred from the prom but they will not face a suspension.

Breath tests are the latest reason why you and your friends should boycott and protest your government school’s prom by planning and attending a private prom. The prom would take place at a private hotel that would not administer breath tests. The private prom would also get rid of the teachers and administrators who are more concerned with the smell of your breath than with the party.

Government school proms are like the final slap in the face to high school students. After four years of enduring no-smoking rules, closed campuses, and unresponsive government teachers, students must then celebrate the end of their prison sentence with their captors.

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