Punished for the slightest human action

I was at Casa by the Sea from November 2000 to August 2000 and I wanted to respond to the author of Living in a Lockdown Facility. I think I might know the author. I was there at the same time and have nightmares of the place as well having been there over 10 months. I was put there for many reasons and taken out only because my family could no longer afford to keep me there. If they could have they would have kept me there. It was horrible.The articles on the site are very true. However you never know what it is really like to be imprisoned until you are there. My parents drove me down form Southern California to Casa, I thought I was going on a weekend trip. The drove away and I didn’t see them again for almost a year. All I could do was write letters that were read by other “Directors and Mama’s” before they were sent out.

At first I was constantly being punished for the slightest human action, spending hours and hours in a small confined room to study or listen to “historical! tapes” which we were tested on for hours, sometimes days. I only managed to stay out of that room when I realized that the only way to survive was to do absolutely nothing and blend in. I got smart but I really lost all sense of humanity. The only comfort I had was in the thirty minutes a day we had to read a book. It was my only real escape.

It was the worst experiences of my life and I have never really been able to forget what I went through there. I want to try to contact other people who shared what I did. I can still remember some of their names after all this time. Thank you. I wish to stay anonymous, I do not want my e-mail address known or given out. I want my privacy respected, something I believe I need as I did not have it when I was at Casa by the Sea. Thank you.

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