Poem by student punished for dyeing her hair

Amber Cole was punished by administrators of Eagleton Elementary School for dyeing her hair pink. Here is a poem that she wrote about her fight for free expression.

Everyone thought I was a fool
The day I took my Civil Rights to school

I had been told that free speech was banned
And knew that I had to take a stand

I did not try to create a stink
I just wanted my hair to be Pink

I had been told of the great debate
“Civil rights did not stop at the school house gate”

But when I arrived at school
The fires of censorship began to fuel

Punish her and make it ample
She has to be made an example

The principal told my overseer
“We don’t want her to become the leader”

They decided to put me under suspension
Because freedom fuels my mighty engine

“Free Speech” is this engines roar
“Liberty and Justice for All” is what I stand for

So I ask that you support my fight
And let the world know censorship is not right

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