Personal Story: James

My name is james and i just recently read the article by an anomonous author about casa by the sea in ensenada, i read the article because i also spent time there…a year of my life wasted at that money scam. I was forced to go, and not only that but forced to spend over $30,000 of my own money to pay for my own imprisonment. Everything that article said was true, but i don’t think the author really covered the mental trauma that place causes completely.The way that place works is by turning the kids against eachother and thouroughly brainwashing even the most intelligent strongminded kids. It’s sickens me to even think about it. I’ll try not to go into details you already know, but there are horrors at that place that weren’t even scaved on in the article, for example you weren’t allowed to talk to anyone outside of your small group on lower levels, i spent a year of my life communicating with only the same twenty kids every day, that can’t be healthy, in fact i didn’t have a one on one conversation with anyone the entire time i was there because a third party who has a certain level always has to be there or else you are sent to worksheet.

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