Paul, a fifth grader, fights censorship

“I am a fifth grader in public school. I have been diagnosed as learning disabled. The teacher in special education took away my book even after calling my Mom and being told that she bought me the book and thinks it is fine. I think they are picking on me. My Mom thinks so too. What can we do?”

Paul and Barbara H.
Tijeras, NM

Libertarian Rock responds: “She took away your personal property? Often government school teachers will back down if you protest and get the attention of the press. It would make a great headline: ‘Teacher steals book from 5th grader’

You could contact the press by writing a press release and faxing or emailing it to ALL radio stations, tv stations, and the local newspapers. It must be one page and read like a newspaper article. Any biased quotes from you should be in quotes. If it is objective, lazy reporters will simply print exactly what you wrote.

Read Libertarian Rock’s press releases to get a feel for how to write a press release:

Update: “Thanks for your help. A well placed word about the press and ACLU was enough to have the principal groveling at my feet. I think this was a good thing because Paul got to see the importance of defending our precious rights. We will be keeping an eye on Libertarian Rock. Young people are the most discriminated against group in the country. The excuse given for confiscating the book ( Tom Clancy’s Net Force) was that they are “just being careful after what happened in Colorado.” I fear that all teens who are free thinkers will suffer punitive measures because of this. Again, thanks!”

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