Lawsuit threats squash suspension and expulsion

After the Colorado shootings, A lot of attention was drawn to my web-site. Everyone who knows me or has seen my site knows I’m basically a weirdo, so of course the content and writings of my PERSONAL HOMEPAGE are going to be somewhat explicit.

But I have a disclaimer and even if I do upset and anger a lot of people around here. I’ve always kept it within the “legal” guidelines.
When word got around to the principal of my school, He “!!tried!!” to have me expelled unless I got counseling. His basis to this was that I was a threat to myself and/or the school.
I personally still believe that the whole situation was based on my comments toward the football players, the school, and the town.
I have NEVER been a violent person. I don’t get into fights. I don’t disrupt class. I’d go as far as saying I don’t even insult or “pick on” people. Everyone knows I’m not stupid. I’d never be juvenile enough to threaten anyone and surely not in writing.

I have NEVER been a violent person. I don’t get into fights. I don’t disrupt class. I’d go as far as saying I don’t even insult or “pick on” people.

The fact that I’m different and into the whole dark/spooky era always brings with it questions of the status of my mental health. I think they knew my “sanity” was the only issue they could use and tried to take advantage of that.
Hines (principal of MHS) claimed to have received two phone calls from “concerned” parents claiming I had a hit-list. The thought of someone with such a deep intent to kill posting a hit list on the Internet is preposterous. At this time the principal had not even seen my site. Someone had printed the “Moorefield” page and the old “Info about Me” page. So basically narrowed down he told me and I quote “I do not want you in MY school unless you get some kind of counseling”
All of this based on rumors and accusations. All of which were untrue.
This “expulsion” was not in writing. It was not backed up or documented in any way. Also The matter was also never discussed before the Board Office. [hmm, I wonder why] Hines called my father to come to the school for a lil meeting in the guidance counselors office. I had to get my stuff and leave science class to go immediately to the office disrupting the education process and interfering with my right to learn.
In my opinion the whole “meeting” was a pseudo drama in which he basically said a bunch of bullshit and I sat in shock while he rambled about my vile use of profanity on the site and the fact that he thought I need help “…more help than Mrs. Butts or I can give you..” [Mrs. Butts is the guidance counselor at MHS] When I try to question why I so horribly need help, all he can answer is that I use profanity a lot and I seem to have a lot of deep rooted anger and I “continue to work below my potential”. Now, On a personnel note, I think I’d be quite hilarious to compare histories with this man, who claims *I* need help but I think everyone already knows and that’s a different subject.
These threats of expulsion were not indirect. It was made very clear that I did not have a choice. So For that time being, I agreed to go to the counseling and I guess they thought the situation was taken care of.
Little did they know that I have a voice and when I’m backed into a corner, I do not retreat, I lash back.
I was overridden with e-mails and comments from people telling me that this is not right. So I tried to gather as much information as possible. And I began contacting numerous anti-censorship organizations including the ACLU.
I planned slowly while containing my vengeance and attending the counseling.
After lawyers and books galore. I KNOW I am in the right in EVERY way.
One of my personal favorite quotes from a “special” group of people is :

“I do not believe that what they are doing to you at your school is even close to any definition of legal as far as your first amendment rights are concerned.”

So when I decided I was going to sue, I went to Mrs. Butts office with Sandi, and I hesitantly told her what I planned on doing, She kept insisting that we talk with Hines first. I told her, He can talk to me, I just wouldn’t be talking back.
I didn’t really think at this point, I was at a position to compromise. Which he most likely had no intention of doing anyway.
Sandi and I had permission to be out of computer class.
We looked through the BOE’s school handbook and we called lawyers [on their quarter – haha SUCKA] in the guidance counselors office. You’d be amazed at what’s in those books. Knowledge IS power. Never Forget that.
I believe Mrs. Butts broke our vow of confidentiality. Sadly, I have no proof to this. But actions speak louder than words. Nonetheless, I am not alone in my view that she is a backstabbing traitor. I am more than happy that she retired this year. One less fuct teacher in the system.
Anyway, Hines had first said Sandi and I could sign out to go to the Board Office, in a smirk way with our parents permission. Minutes later, He tells us that if we want to go, we have to go on our own time and to go back to class [Even Though WE HAD PERMISSION to be out] At this point, I was just fed up with it all so, I wait a few days, and then I go tell him, That I refuse to go to counseling anymore. Hoping/Expecting that he would follow through and expel me. And what happens..


By this time he had heard my plans to sue, so He mutters something about “I’m gonna have to call the board and see what I can do. I can’t expel you ’cause you never threatened anyone but I can suspend you for not following my direct order”… Hehe.. “DIRECT ORDER” .. Um, ok, sure, … I went back to class,

All Talk, No Action. Like a turtle retreating when you hear ACLU.

Where’s the expulsion?? Where’s the suspension?? Where’s my fucking $30,000!!?? So now it’s Friday, July 9th and I’ve yet to be suspended. I’ve yet to hear ANY apology. I’ve got nothing. This proves that Every psuedo “big shot” in this town, is All Talk, No Action. Like a turtle retreating when you hear ACLU. Everyone including the principal knew I was in the right.. MY OPINION – But come on; dare to challenge it??

All of this and The Hardy County BOE STILL claims their schools are the anti-theis of censorship.
With the resignation of the superintendent, [for other matters] I hope this will set an example and I hope more people will become aware that THEIR OPINIONS DO MATTER and if you want something done, YOUR VOICE HAS TO BE HEARD.

Everytime I think about the situation, I get more and more pissed. The whole incident was bullshit. The damage they’ve done is in-fixable. I want MHS to know, if this was an attempt to break me, You failed miserably. But once I upload this, All the “hate” I had for anyone involved will be gone. I can forgive and get over the hate because I believe I am above those of you who chose to remain ignorant and misinformed and/or misunderstand me, my comments or my actions.
But I will always remember and I want yous to know, None of the people who had any part in this will Ever mean anything to me.

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