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Unschooling is a style of homeschooling. Interest motivated learning; meaningful knowledge, unlike the standard approach of forced doctrine and information handed out by a teacher. Here’s a quote from the site:

I think John Holt’s ending in the book “How Children Learn” is a great definition of unschooling. “Birds fly, fish swim, man thinks and learns. Therefore, we do not need to motivate children into learning by wheedling, bribing or bullying. We do not need to keep picking away at their minds to make sure they are learning. What we need to do, and all we need to do, is bring as much of the world as we can into the school and classroom (in our case, into their lives); give children as much help and guidance as they ask for; listen respectfully when they feel like talking; and then get out of the way. We can trust them to do the rest.” – Lisa Wood

School is Dead; Learn in Freedom
The School is Dead, Learn in Freedom site encourages people to take responsibility for their own education, using their own initiative to seek out learning, and using schools and teachers only if they are helpful to them, and voluntarily chosen by them. It is a homeschoolers site.

Jon’s Homeschool Resource Page
This site is well known among homeschoolers on the internet. It is a great resource that answers the most common questions about homeschooling, and links you to other good homeschooling sites.

Here are a few other links that homeschoolers tend to bookmark:
Home School Legal Defense Fund

These links were submitted by Amy Leinen of St. Paul, MN who wrote:

“We are a homeschooling family. The children (and adults) in this home are in control of their own education. We are horrified by the treatment of public schooled institutionalized children. You have given us more issues to discuss and ponder.

I am impressed and pleased to see a site like yours. It is about time that the blinders were removed from the eyes of children and adults alike about the injustices that children endure on a daily basis. Basic human rights that are disregarded because they are children is not acceptable. I am learning a lot while I read the articles on your site. Things I never thought about before. Please continue to educate people.”

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