Gun-rights T-shirt earns kid suspension

A west-suburban 6th grader was suspended from his middle school for wearing a T-Shirt bearing the logo of the Illinois State Rifle Association (the Illinois NRA affiliate). The teacher claimed that the state rifle association is a violent group and wearing the shirt violates the zero-tolerance policy of the school.

What can you do? Well, you can own your very own suspension-provoking T-shirt and simultaneously support the right to self defense. Visit the Illinois State Rifle Association’s store.

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2 comments on “Gun-rights T-shirt earns kid suspension

  1. I am a shopomore in high school and the same thing happened to me. I wore a shirt that said I suported the 2nd amendment and it pictured a hand gun. This ironically happened the same day we were talking about the second amendment in my history class and i was sent to the office because of it during that class. because of this zero tolerance crap i had to change my shirt. My shirt was not violent or offensive and frankly it pissed me off that i was forced to change. I find it sickening that my consitutional right of free speech was abused because i showed my suport for another constitutional right. That is a huge contridiction. the zero tolerance ploicy is wrong and not effective in serving justice or preventing actual bad things from hapening all it does is hassel and burdon everyone and even provokes some kids to do wrong. This ploicy is neither realistic or fair. If the administation goes through such a great deal to find teachers and administrators who they think have good judgement then why do they have such a ridiculous policy. There is a THICK line between offensive, sugestive and violent and patriotic. How could any American loveing person think my shirt was violent. Guns save lives for many people. Guns dont kill people; people kill people and guns can stop one life from killing many. whats wrong with stating that?.

  2. I know this is an old post but I agree 100% and stand behind you and anyone else.  My kids just started school (kindergarden) and in CA of all places.  I’m waiting to see what happens when I wear my NRA shirts on campus. ;0)  Jessice, NEVER stop standing for what you beleive in.

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