Government schools imposed on children

Government schools have many faults, including the requirement that virtually everyone be admitted. Generally, people are free to choose where they will live, shop, worship, recreate and work. One criterion by which we make these choices is personal safety. There are places in everyone’s city or town that one avoids. There are people we come across who we try to avoid. Were I to see while shopping in mild weather some guy dressed like the Highlander in a dark trench coat, I would notice him. I would wonder if he had a long sword (or shotgun) under his coat. I would quickly and quietly move away from him and out of the area.Avoidance of people who manifest subtle (and not so subtle) clues that they might be dangerous is not possible in government schools. Government schools are forbidden by the Constitution and a liberal relativistic morality from refusing admission to students based upon so flimsy a basis as expressed personal values or personal appearance. Yet it is precisely by such clues that most of us choose our associates and friends.

In the absence of government schools, people would be free to go to school with people who do not choose to dress like assassins or who express hatred for others. In the absence of government intervention in schools, the schools themselves could decline admission to outcasts who like the Mafia or Nazis and who hate (fill-in-the-blank).

It is not a coincidence that all of the recent school shootings have occurred in government schools. I do not blame guns or movies for the tragedy in Colorado. I blame the institution of government schools for forcing our children to associate with monsters.

By Martin L. Cowen III

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