Australian rockstar privatizes prom

Message from Aussie Chick: The day before our year 10 formal, the principal and the teachers called all us year 10’s to an assembly. Not knowing what was going on i went along with everyone else. Only to find out that the teachers and principal had decided to cancel the formal because we had arranged an after party, not good since it was the next night. Everyone went spastic, (it was major attack since i go to a girls school). Girls were screaming abuse at the teachers yelling at the principal and crying. Everyone ran over to the principal and started screaming at her, the principal broke down in tears and ran out of the room. (hahaha).About 30 or so phone calls later, we decided to privatize it, with the help of a girls dad. We arranged security and a group of parents came along. It was a success even though a lot of us had cancelled our dates.

Found out later that the principal had a nervous breakdown after that! The teachers hate our guts, but who cares. Wanted you to know that the teenagers in Australia are putting up with a heap of crap like you guys over in the states!

Rock on guyz!
-Aussie chick

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