DC Curfew Protest, Sept. 30th

In an interview tonight, David Grossman, the protest organizer, said that the organizational meeting for Thursday night’s protest drew more than 10 people. The protest will begin at 10:30 pm with a candlelight vigil, hopefully appear on the 11 o’clock news and then conclude at 11:30 PM. David and his fellow organizers are promoting the event on college and high school campuses throughout the DC area. More details are available in our interview with David.

(9/21/99) David Grossman, the organizer of the protest wrote, “A website has been set up. It is located at www.kqrg.com/curfew. There is no sponsering organization, I’m basically doing this singlehandely, with help from various professional and personal friends.

My basic idea is to have various speakers, hopefully at least one from the ACLU, and also testimonials from various young people, and others. I’m hoping for a megaphone, and I’ll see what I can find in way of a makeshift stage. Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.”

Press Release
Effective on September 9th, the government of Washington DC has instituted a citywide curfew for ALL people under the age of 17. They are forbidden to be outside of their homes after 11pm on weeknights, and midnight on Friday and Saturday evening. There are a few limited exceptions to this law, but the premise of the law remains the same; young people are not equal in the eye of basic human rights. In the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The rationale behind this curfew is that it will curtail youth crime, but there is no evidence from numerous studies in other cities that this is the case.

The first of several protests will take place on Thursday, September 30th, from 10:30pm to midnight in Dupont Circle Park (19th and P St. NW). For those who are under 17, you have a constitutional right to peaceful protest, and you are more than welcome to attend.

An organization meeting for the first protest will be held at SoHo Coffee and Tea at 22nd and P St. NW, at 7:30pm. All people interested in the cause are welcome to attend.

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