Florida High School students opt-out of uniform policy

At Duval County high school in Jacksonville, Florida, twenty percent of the high school students saved the other eighty percent from a proposed uniform policy by convincing their parents to opt them out of the program. The school board decided that the program would not be successful and therefore not be implemented if at least 20 percent of the students did not participate.The middle school students were not as fortunate, since only 10.5 percent of them were opted-out by their parents. The elementary school students never even had a chance to kill the program though they can still opt-out on an individual basis. The board included an opt-out opportunity for all students in order to avoid lawsuits.

The board passed the uniform policy in early June and then asked parents to visit their child’s school between June 14st and June 21st to complete an opt-out form that would excuse their child from the requirement.

Though only 10.5 percent of middle school students opted-out, some people expect the number to climb as the school year approaches. In addition, students will be more interested in choosing their clothing once they see other students without uniforms.

Opting-out unfortunately does not mean students can wear any type of clothing. The district’s dress code already prohibits students from wearing clothing that reveals the midriff, shorts that are shorter than walking length, backless shoes and other items. School Board Chairwoman Linda Sparks said the board will need to discuss strengthening the current dress code by requiring shirts with collars and pants to be worn at the waist with a belt.

Government officials like uniforms and dress codes because they simply want to dictate how you dress. They already decide your curfew, when you can drive, when you can smoke, and what movies you can see. Now they want to go shopping with you! Uniform policies bring new meaning to the saying, “slave to fashion.”

They may promote the fact that uniforms may improve the educational environment because they reduce clothing related distractions and minimize envy between students whose parents earn varying ranges of income. However, they really want to eliminate your concert T-shirts, your sandals, your flip-flops, your cut t-shirts, your baseball hats, and your baggy pants. But since they can’t throw out your clothes, they pass laws and policies that prevent you from wearing them.

Many students cannot even conceptualize a capitalist society without government schools because the government educated them. Soon, government run school students will have difficulty choosing their clothes. They will just assume that the government is supposed to decide what people wear. And if the government has its way, they won’t even understand what it means to be an individual.

Government school officials used to claim that school dress codes prepare students for corporate life. This theory is no longer valid because capitalism frowns upon dress codes. Private companies are increasingly abandoning dress codes to attract and retain quality employees.

The Jacksonville students struck back against socialism, fascism and intolerance by opting-out of the dress code program. If your school district decides to adopt a uniform policy, find out if you can opt-out of the program. If a large percentage of students opt-out, then your district may abandon the policy.

Remember that uniforms are for prisoners!

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