On the Fourth of July, We Celebrate the Old U.S.A.

Considering the dismal state of human rights within the United States of America, it is difficult to celebrate its existence. Rather than focus on what the country has become, it may be more fulfilling to honor what the country once was.

The Founding Fathers of this country pushed out the British in order to create a republic that defended each citizens’ life and property. Many of them believed that a government could only do what individual citizens could do to each other. Up until about the 20th century, the goverment and the politicians who guided it, were content with that charter.

Despite the current state of the country, which is blemished by curfews, smoking laws, and many other immoral restrictions, Libertarian Rock would like to salute what the country once was and what it can become. If we all continue to fight back against intolerance, soon we will be able to celebrate like the Founding Fathers did on the country’s first fourth of July.

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