Alaska LP’s anti-curfew efforts

It is now two years since Alaskans voted against a referendum to repeal a city curfew but the local Libertarian Party has no plans to stop protesting the law. Alaskan LP members are distributing “Ban the Curfew” stickers to teenagers throughout the state. The stickers encourage teenagers to resist the curfew and all other “wrong” laws.

The sticker art originally appeared on “Ban the Curfew” cards that were distributed to promote the referendum. The back of the cards listed, “7 Things You Can Do To Repeal The Curfew.” The suggested actions included writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper, writing an Alaskan politician, and circulating the petition, which was used to get the referendum on the ballot.

Scott Kohlhaas, who gathered most of the signatures for the referendum, continues to prod the ACLU to send out letters to cities and boroughs telling them that their curfews are unconstitutional and that they are vulnerable to a lawsuit.

Fort Yukon, a city of 600 people, repealed their curfew after receiving a threatening letter last April from the ACLU. Kodiak and Bethel, two other Alaskan towns, plan to enter into negotiations with the ACLU as well.

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