Selective service violates your rights

My nephew just turned 18. As we all know, in the land of freedom, all males between the ages of 18 and 26 are required by law to register with the selective service. I repeat, in this, the land of the free, all males between these ages are required to register themselves with the government for possible wartime drafting purposes, with a failure to do so resulting in a possible fine of $100,000 and a jail term of 5 years. And you thought only sex offenders were registered.

This totalitarian policy not only goes against the grain of everything this country stands for, it is age and sex discriminatory to boot. Can you imagine a 90 year old woman registering for the draft? Of course not. But the government has decided that it controls the lives of all its young male subjects.

Don’t misunderstand me, I served the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, I love my country, and I don’t understand why all young men don’t rush to colors on their 18th birthday. But I also respect an individuals right not to do so, and I resent any authority dictating the lives of free men.

The reader might wonder why this travesty concerns me. Not only am I over the age of 26 (by a few years), but I served my country without waiting to be drafted. Actually, it’s simple. Every time a single person’s rights are stripped away from him, it is just one more step to one of my rights being flushed down the commode of history.

Incidentally, my nephew holds the same views I do. And against the wishes of his mother, he conveniently “forgot” to register himself. Anyone know a good constitutional lawyer?

By Bob Lawson

Libertarian Rock would like to thank Bob for writing this editorial. We print all editorials that present the Libertarian view on any topic in a coherent manner. Please share your views about the government’s control of your life by sending an editorial to Libertarian Rock.

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