Megan Price in San Diego, California

I’m happy to let you know that I did what you probably wish others would do, I photocopied the ones I had. I passed out over 200 at our meeting and it went really well. People are wearing them all over school and I’ve been asked for more from several people. I really feel a sense of accomplishment. And I told everyone at the meeting to check out the libertarian rock website.

April 30, 1999
On May 17th, my Amnesty International club is holding a rally at lunch and I would like to know if you could send some stickers to me because I would like to pass them out at the rally. Depending on how big a response we get to the “repeal the curfew” idea we can plan a protest march from there. Thank you for your support!

December 24, 1998
Thank you for the stickers!!! Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I wanted to be sure and thank you for them though because they’ve been such a big thing. It’s really inspired many people to repeal the curfew. Everyone is always amazed to see them and to discover they actually work. i just wanted to let you know how wonderful what you’re doing is. Thank you again!!!

November 4,1998
Thank you for sending me the 20 stickers I requested! I have already begun passing them out to friends if mine and I will distribute them at tomorrow at school.

I am mainly writing to you to ask for the 200 stickers you talked about in your letter. I am asking for them because this is something that I know the people at my school would love to bet involved in but in order to let them know how they can do something about the curfew law I need to mass distrait something that they can see that’s to the point. Stickers would be the easiest way because it isn’t a long letter that would lose their interest. They would see the “repeal the curfew” sign on a sticker and know that there is something they can do.

I am going to look into starting a group at my school to organize people to repeal the curfew. My history teacher is in support of the “repeal the curfew” plan of action. I am hoping he would be the overseer of the group if in fact I am able to start it up. I will keep you informed but in the mean time I would love it if you would send me the 300 three different types of stickers ASAP! I’ve already encouraged a friend to write to you to get the initial 10 stickers.

Doing it cause it’s my constitutional right,


A few days after receiving the letter above, Libertarian Rock sent out 300 stickers to Megan!

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