Abuse of power from the cops, in Canada

Today, I have been treated very unfairly. I took a day off of high school to visit my old elementary school. I missed my old grade 4-6 teacher, and wanted to speak to her again. As soon as I entered my old school, I went into the main office, so that the school knew I was there. The secretary treated me like a horrible troublemaker! I have no history of violence, and I’m a very peaceful person. The secretary said in a very angry and negative voice, “WE DO NOT ALLOW VISITORS IN HERE! LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!”

I walked through the school’s hallway, and up the stairs to my old classroom. My old teacher was very glad to meet me. We smiled and discussed what happened to us since I left the school three years ago.

Eventually, my old teacher said that although she was very glad I visited, my presence was inconvenient. I respected that, so I intended to leave the school property. Before I could leave, the power greedy principal gave me a horrible and harassing lecture. I left as soon as I could, but before I got fifty feet away from the school, a cop car stopped in front of me.

The officer harassed me, searched my bag (without a warrant and without my consent), harassed me some more, asked me personal questions that were none of his business and irrelevant to the situation, threatened to arrest me, and sent me to the school that I currently am a student of. All because I just wanted to visit my old teacher, and there may have been a one in ten thousand chance that I may be a violent person.

It was a disgusting waste of police resources. The cop could’ve been arresting a bank robber, or homicidal maniac, or nibbling a donut at Tim Hortons. But, no, he had to treat an innocent and peaceful young person who has done nothing wrong like a criminal.

Thanks for listening,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

BTW, you might want to know that I asked the PCC to investigate the incident, and I sent my story to the editors of all the major newspapers in Canada.

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