Fishing, guns, and zero tolerance

I’m really glad that you are fighting zero tolerance. I’m a high school student who happens to be a hunter and fisherman. My father and I took a trip up north. We towed our boat and trailor, keeping all of the boat stuff in the trailer, and kept our guns in the trunk. We were planning, time allowing, to go target shooting. We didn’t have time to shoot, and forgot about the guns. Becuase there was no fishing stuff in the trunk, we didn’t even mess with it.

I drove to school next day with two firearms in my trunk and didn’t even notice it. A teacher came out to my car with me to retrieve some documents. I opened the trunk, noticed the guns, and slammed it closed before she noticed. I was really close to being expelled from school, and probably arrested, for bringing guns onto school property. Now, I oppose all zero-tolerance rules.

Simon Jefferson

Message from Libertarian Rock
The government likes zero tolerance policies because it makes you more likely to stay away from guns, knives, and explosives at all times. Since you don’t want to risk accidentally bringing a knife to school, you may not carry one even on the weekends.

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