Boring little town

Well, of course to start with, our town has a set 10:00 curfew for those under the age 16. But, the cops around here drive the “strip” (the place where everyone drives around and just talks to each other or hang out whatever) and they’re just looking for someone to pull over. When then do they hit them up for everything can find! Sometimes we’d go sit at the bowling alley, but now they started a $5.00 cover charge just to get in if you’re not 21!!!

They pull you over for rollerblading after 10 just to see if your 16 (same if your walking) and the city voted to put up NO TRESPASSING signs up and down the “strip” so they have another reason to arrest us!!! We live in a small town with nothing else to do. The adults and city say that the under age drinking and smoking is getting worse than it’s ever been.

And it’s not just the normal stoners and drinkers, even preps and jocks, and anyone who can’t find anything else to do has been partying. Each class that passes through our high school is getting heavier into the drinking and shit… Parties are being busted every day. And they wonder why…. No one tries to think of something for us to do, they just keep taking more and more privileges away from US. My friends and I are getting really sick of their shit.


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