Police stats stop curfew in Arlington, Texas

The Youth Activities Committee in Arlington, Texas recently decided not to enact a curfew after reviewing police statistics that did not show an increase in juvenile crime. Every six months, the local police chief presents the statistics, which track the number of crimes committed by teenagers and against teenagers after midnight.

Arlington seems to be blessed with rational politicians who are resisting the curfew fad despite curfews in neighboring Dallas, Fort Worth, and many other North Texas cities. Many cities enact curfews even without a statistical increase in juvenile crime.

If your town does not currently have a curfew, perhaps you could start a campaign to prove that juvenile crime is not increasing. First, start a one-person organization (if it’s only you) with a “crime” name such as, “Citizen Crime Watch.” Then get crime statistics from your local police and present your analysis of the statistics to the press with a press release from your organization. The press may then print a story based on the findings of Citizen Crime Watch.

Every six months you could send out a press release that would hopefully trigger a series of radio, TV, and newspaper stories about the “lack of juvenile crime” in your area. You would need statistics to back up your claims but there are many ways to make statistics say what you want. Even if juvenile crime increased during one period, which happened recently in Arlington, Texas, your press release could say, “Juvenile Crime increase not statistically significant.”

Your press releases would influence public perception of juvenile crime and thereby minimize requests for a curfew.

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